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Wave Teams conclude another successful JDL season

Greetings Wavefans!

Well the JDL5 is over and it's been a hard battle for our brave soldiers. With one team moving up a division, one moving down, one staying put and one going to the playoffs it's a pretty mixed bag this season - but well played to everyone involved, and thanks to all our standins!

Wave.RO - 13-5

Wave.Int - 6-8

Wave.NA - 4-10

Wave.Riptide - 1-15

We've also just started a new season of inter-Wave scrimming - honing our skills and perfecting our strategies - so I pity the fools who try and stand in our way in season 6!

Remember, Wavenight is on Saturdays with King of the Hill, 1v1s and random scrimming, so come hang out!

~ Grumbl3dook

JDL 5 - Our biggest season yet

Hey Wavers,

So the JDL has been our main tournament since Season 1 - and we've done fairly well for ourselves, getting either promoted to the next division or falling in the middle of the pack with every team, in every instance. It is with great pride, therefore, that for the new season we're fielding the largest number of teams ever. After the first round of games the scores stand at::

Wave.Romania: 2-0 (W-L)

Wave.Int: 1-1

Wave.NA and Wave.Riptide: 0-2

Best of luck to our teams in future matches - we're sure they'll all kick ass! We'll try and stream as many as possible - look out for the VODs in future blog posts :D


A New Wave: Plans for 2015

Greetings Wavers!

2014 was an incredible year for us, and saw our little guild grow in size and prestige. We've entered (and done fairly well in) every season of the JDL as well as a few smaller tourneys, grown our casting crew, and we are now in the fourth season of the ever-popular 'King of the Hill' Captaincy Tournament.

We also merged with Wave.XIL's former rivals Ad Ultimus, forming the new team Wave.Riptide. Greetings new friends! We love active teams and these guys can dish it out with the best, so lets make them all feel welcome. This merger also allowed us to restructure some of our older teams and get our rosters under control.

2014 has also shown us that this is a guild with great potential, and this year we'll be trying to push the boundaries of the guild further, providing better support for the teams, more streams and more tournaments with more great prizes. Keep up to date in the forums, on the blog and of course by getting on steam and playing some Dota!

Couple of things we'd like to ask of guildmates for the new year:

1: We'd love to grow the guild and get more stuff going on, so anyone you know whose looking for a home in the  Dota-verse is more than welcome - in fact, it's time for a straight-up recruitment drive! Your continued support of all our forums, streams and tournaments is also hugely appreciated - <3 you guys.

2: If you want to start a new team please have a chat with Davidy or myself - we love running new teams of any skill level so long as there's 5 compatible people we'll help you out with all the boring details and make sure you've got the support of the guild (and a private teamspeak channel - ooooh). We were pretty new at this last year and we know some people weren't happy with all the decisions we made, but stick with us and we'll find a way to make it work!

There'll be a post out shortly detailing what teams we've got running this year so stay tuned, and don't forget its King of the Hill every Saturday!


Wave Europe and Wave Exiles Merge to Form Wave International

The Wave Europe (Wave.EU) and The Wave Exiles (Wave.XIL) have officially merged, becoming The Wave International (Wave.Int). The team will be led by Grumbl3dook and davidystephenson, and primarily captained by davidystephenson. The team's roster will be:

  1. davidystephenson
  2. Grumbl3dook
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Gimli
  5. Umarg
  6. Gothic King
  7. Shadow

With a large and flexible roster, positions will be rotated according to the demands of each game. The team will be competing in JDL America Season 4 Division 5.

New Series Launches Monday: Wave Lounge Will Go Live!

The Wave's newest series, The Wave Lounge, will premiere this Monday at 5:00 PM Eastern Time (11:00 PM CEST). The series will be broadcast live on Wave President davidystephenson's channel,, and will be hosted by davidystephenson and Grumbl3dook. VODs will also be available on YouTube. Each week will feature guests from the Wave and Dota 2 communities.

The show will feature relaxed and fun discussion on current events in Dota 2. Monday's show expected to focus on the 6.82 patch, the rise of new teams in the professional scene, along with other topics the hosts and guests find themselves discussing.

Please tune in and participate live on Twitch chat! If you're interested in being a guest on the show, feel free to contact The Wave at

Wave Exiles End JDL Division in Second Place with 1-1 Series

The Wave Exiles played their last JDL match this season against Killed to Death, going 1-1 against the team featuring well-known caster Ayesee. The excellent record means the Exiles will be headed to Division 5 in JDL America 4. Both games were casted by premier Wave caster Grumbl3dook.

The match's first game was a raucous charging win for the Exiles, who steamrolled the game with their patented Viper aggressive trilane. Due to some technical issues, the VOD is divided into two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The second game saw KTD run the same Viper aggressive trilane, ultimately leading to their own victory on the back of late-game Faceless Void and Nature's Prophet plays.


The Wave Exiles Lock-in Second Place in Division with 2-0 Win in JDL

The Wave Exiles defeated Bans a Make Her Dance 2-0 on Monday, securing second place in their JDL America 3 division. The wins move the Exiles to 12-2, just behind Epic gaming at 15-1. With only one two-game series left to play and the third place team, Ad Ultimus, too far behind at 11-5, the Exiles are now guaranteed to place second in their division.

Despite technical problems on both sides, including a total remake early in the second game, the series was fun and exciting, featuring good plays from both teams. The series was simulcast by two Wave casting teams. I Can Scooter and Zero paired for their first ever cast together, along with long-time duo Ninja Fox and Vengeance.

The Wave Exiles Move into Second in JDL Division with 2-0 Defeat of Late Game Tango

The Wave Exiles defeated Late Game Tango (LGT) on Monday night, winning both games in their JoinDota League America 3 Starter Division series.

With control of the division already secured by Epic Gaming, the Exiles and LGT are locked in a tight race for second. LGT held a one win lead before Monday's series. The tension continues as the 2-0 victory merely swaps the team's positions. The Exiles now move into second place with a record of 10-2, bumping LGT into third at 9-5.

The Exiles stand in an excellent position to guarantee second place in their division. The Exiles have two more series to play, while LGT has only one. If the Exiles can find two wins over their next four games, they will lock in second.

Monday's series itself was fast-paced and exciting, with close fights and big kills throughout both games. The games were cast live on Twitch by Wave casters Grumbl3dook and Divok. Full VODs are available on Youtube:

Game 1:

In other Wave news, a breaking update from Grumbl3dook: "Wave.EU reported their first 2-0 defeat in their most recent game - chin up lads, tally-ho and what-not!"

If you're interested in any type of involvement with The Wave's pubs, teams, casters, or competitions, please feel free to email us at and check out the rest of our website.

The Wave Exiles Defeats Ad Ultimus 2-0 in Join Dota League America

The Wave Exiles, along with stand-in and guild member Allen Iverson, won both games in their series against Ad Ultimus on Friday. These wins put them at 4-0, tied for first position in their division of the Join Dota League America.

The VOD for the first game can be found here (there are spoilers ahead). The match was a nail-biting come back, with the Exiles losing the first set of Barracks and relying heavily on Phantom Lancer and Morphling split push to crawl back.

The VOD for the second game can be found here (spoilers ahead again). In the second match, the Exiles went for their patented Viper aggressive trilane, taking it to Ad Ultimus in the lane and forcing heavy rotations. Ad Ultimus went for a massive wombo-combo, which only managed to fully execute barely too late to keep them in the game.

The Exiles continue their JDL play next weekend with a game at 11:00 AM Saturday and 3:00 PM Sunday, both Eastern time. Casters have not yet been confirmed, but the previous games were casted by Grumbl3dook on Twitch.

Another JDL victory for Wave.EU!

Our beloved Wave.EU squad (motto: For tea! For crumpets! For vodka!) has secured another 2-0 victory in the JDL, this time against Average Gaming Lot, leaving them 5-1 in the division. No VODs again, but the next match (currently scheduled for this Wednesday9PM GMT) is hopefully going to be cast by Ninjafox - tune in!

Wave North America Victorious in Omega Invitational

For the last few months, all Wave teams have been scrimming and scrapping and organizing with fervor. Our efforts are finally bearing fruit. Full congratulations are due to the newly risen Wave North America:

Position 1: Happy Feet

Position 2: Nole - Captain

Position 3: Shadowman

Position 4: I_Can_Scooter

Position 5: xXPeteyXx

Their debut matches in the Omega Captain's Draft Invitational were cast live last night, and can be found on Grumbl3dook's channel, or right here in this post. Match details are provided below for those who don't have time to watch, but there will be spoilers.


The first game was really a team fight matchup from both teams and it all came down to who managed to initiate the best. Despite some aggressive early ganking from RageTrain which gave an early lead, the Wave squad set the pace in the mid and late game and secured the win after an incredibly tense game.

The second game saw a deluge of kills for RageTrain as they dominated the early phases, securing kills all over the map. The turning point of the match was the Blink Dagger and Aegis pick-up on Little Foot's Ursa, which saw the kill count rocket up for Wave, and giving them a straight 2-0 win in their first Bo3.

Ragetrain aren't out of the tournament yet though, only put down to the lower bracket while Wave.NA move on to face SG in the second round. We're looking forward to more awesome CD game. You can keep up to date by checking out the twitch channels and following @thewavegamers  

RAII Merger Finalized

The Wave is proud to announce the acquirement of Reductio ad Absurdum. The guild's team will now be known as The Metamorphosis, RAII's former captain, will become The Wave's Event Manager, and former RAII member Grumbl3dook will become The Wave's Publicity and Media Manager.