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We are a Dota 2 player's organization. We sponsor teams, regular lobby play, and open tournaments.

Wave Europe and Wave Exiles Merge to Form Wave International

The Wave Europe (Wave.EU) and The Wave Exiles (Wave.XIL) have officially merged, becoming The Wave International (Wave.Int). The team will be led by Grumbl3dook and davidystephenson, and primarily captained by davidystephenson. The team's roster will be:

  1. davidystephenson
  2. Grumbl3dook
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Gimli
  5. Umarg
  6. Gothic King
  7. Shadow

With a large and flexible roster, positions will be rotated according to the demands of each game. The team will be competing in JDL America Season 4 Division 5.