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Wave North America Victorious in Omega Invitational

For the last few months, all Wave teams have been scrimming and scrapping and organizing with fervor. Our efforts are finally bearing fruit. Full congratulations are due to the newly risen Wave North America:

Position 1: Happy Feet

Position 2: Nole - Captain

Position 3: Shadowman

Position 4: I_Can_Scooter

Position 5: xXPeteyXx

Their debut matches in the Omega Captain's Draft Invitational were cast live last night, and can be found on Grumbl3dook's channel, or right here in this post. Match details are provided below for those who don't have time to watch, but there will be spoilers.


The first game was really a team fight matchup from both teams and it all came down to who managed to initiate the best. Despite some aggressive early ganking from RageTrain which gave an early lead, the Wave squad set the pace in the mid and late game and secured the win after an incredibly tense game.

The second game saw a deluge of kills for RageTrain as they dominated the early phases, securing kills all over the map. The turning point of the match was the Blink Dagger and Aegis pick-up on Little Foot's Ursa, which saw the kill count rocket up for Wave, and giving them a straight 2-0 win in their first Bo3.

Ragetrain aren't out of the tournament yet though, only put down to the lower bracket while Wave.NA move on to face SG in the second round. We're looking forward to more awesome CD game. You can keep up to date by checking out the twitch channels and following @thewavegamers