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The Wave Exiles Defeats Ad Ultimus 2-0 in Join Dota League America

The Wave Exiles, along with stand-in and guild member Allen Iverson, won both games in their series against Ad Ultimus on Friday. These wins put them at 4-0, tied for first position in their division of the Join Dota League America.

The VOD for the first game can be found here (there are spoilers ahead). The match was a nail-biting come back, with the Exiles losing the first set of Barracks and relying heavily on Phantom Lancer and Morphling split push to crawl back.

The VOD for the second game can be found here (spoilers ahead again). In the second match, the Exiles went for their patented Viper aggressive trilane, taking it to Ad Ultimus in the lane and forcing heavy rotations. Ad Ultimus went for a massive wombo-combo, which only managed to fully execute barely too late to keep them in the game.

The Exiles continue their JDL play next weekend with a game at 11:00 AM Saturday and 3:00 PM Sunday, both Eastern time. Casters have not yet been confirmed, but the previous games were casted by Grumbl3dook on Twitch.