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The Wave Exiles Move into Second in JDL Division with 2-0 Defeat of Late Game Tango

The Wave Exiles defeated Late Game Tango (LGT) on Monday night, winning both games in their JoinDota League America 3 Starter Division series.

With control of the division already secured by Epic Gaming, the Exiles and LGT are locked in a tight race for second. LGT held a one win lead before Monday's series. The tension continues as the 2-0 victory merely swaps the team's positions. The Exiles now move into second place with a record of 10-2, bumping LGT into third at 9-5.

The Exiles stand in an excellent position to guarantee second place in their division. The Exiles have two more series to play, while LGT has only one. If the Exiles can find two wins over their next four games, they will lock in second.

Monday's series itself was fast-paced and exciting, with close fights and big kills throughout both games. The games were cast live on Twitch by Wave casters Grumbl3dook and Divok. Full VODs are available on Youtube:

Game 1:

In other Wave news, a breaking update from Grumbl3dook: "Wave.EU reported their first 2-0 defeat in their most recent game - chin up lads, tally-ho and what-not!"

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