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Wave Exiles End JDL Division in Second Place with 1-1 Series

The Wave Exiles played their last JDL match this season against Killed to Death, going 1-1 against the team featuring well-known caster Ayesee. The excellent record means the Exiles will be headed to Division 5 in JDL America 4. Both games were casted by premier Wave caster Grumbl3dook.

The match's first game was a raucous charging win for the Exiles, who steamrolled the game with their patented Viper aggressive trilane. Due to some technical issues, the VOD is divided into two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The second game saw KTD run the same Viper aggressive trilane, ultimately leading to their own victory on the back of late-game Faceless Void and Nature's Prophet plays.