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The Wave Exiles Lock-in Second Place in Division with 2-0 Win in JDL

The Wave Exiles defeated Bans a Make Her Dance 2-0 on Monday, securing second place in their JDL America 3 division. The wins move the Exiles to 12-2, just behind Epic gaming at 15-1. With only one two-game series left to play and the third place team, Ad Ultimus, too far behind at 11-5, the Exiles are now guaranteed to place second in their division.

Despite technical problems on both sides, including a total remake early in the second game, the series was fun and exciting, featuring good plays from both teams. The series was simulcast by two Wave casting teams. I Can Scooter and Zero paired for their first ever cast together, along with long-time duo Ninja Fox and Vengeance.