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A New Wave: Plans for 2015

Greetings Wavers!

2014 was an incredible year for us, and saw our little guild grow in size and prestige. We've entered (and done fairly well in) every season of the JDL as well as a few smaller tourneys, grown our casting crew, and we are now in the fourth season of the ever-popular 'King of the Hill' Captaincy Tournament.

We also merged with Wave.XIL's former rivals Ad Ultimus, forming the new team Wave.Riptide. Greetings new friends! We love active teams and these guys can dish it out with the best, so lets make them all feel welcome. This merger also allowed us to restructure some of our older teams and get our rosters under control.

2014 has also shown us that this is a guild with great potential, and this year we'll be trying to push the boundaries of the guild further, providing better support for the teams, more streams and more tournaments with more great prizes. Keep up to date in the forums, on the blog and of course by getting on steam and playing some Dota!

Couple of things we'd like to ask of guildmates for the new year:

1: We'd love to grow the guild and get more stuff going on, so anyone you know whose looking for a home in the  Dota-verse is more than welcome - in fact, it's time for a straight-up recruitment drive! Your continued support of all our forums, streams and tournaments is also hugely appreciated - <3 you guys.

2: If you want to start a new team please have a chat with Davidy or myself - we love running new teams of any skill level so long as there's 5 compatible people we'll help you out with all the boring details and make sure you've got the support of the guild (and a private teamspeak channel - ooooh). We were pretty new at this last year and we know some people weren't happy with all the decisions we made, but stick with us and we'll find a way to make it work!

There'll be a post out shortly detailing what teams we've got running this year so stay tuned, and don't forget its King of the Hill every Saturday!