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Wave Teams conclude another successful JDL season

Greetings Wavefans!

Well the JDL5 is over and it's been a hard battle for our brave soldiers. With one team moving up a division, one moving down, one staying put and one going to the playoffs it's a pretty mixed bag this season - but well played to everyone involved, and thanks to all our standins!

Wave.RO - 13-5

Wave.Int - 6-8

Wave.NA - 4-10

Wave.Riptide - 1-15

We've also just started a new season of inter-Wave scrimming - honing our skills and perfecting our strategies - so I pity the fools who try and stand in our way in season 6!

Remember, Wavenight is on Saturdays with King of the Hill, 1v1s and random scrimming, so come hang out!

~ Grumbl3dook