The Wave Gamers

Good Dota for Everyone

We are a Dota 2 player's organization. We sponsor teams, regular lobby play, and open tournaments.

The Wave Gamers casts professional and amateur tournaments and provides a supportive and rich environment for casters looking to improve their skills and gain access the community. If you are interested in having our casters cast and publicize your tournament, or want to take part as a caster yourself, feel free to contact us at


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Hello Grumblings! Lots of DOTA 2 casts coming your way including matches, silly games and strategy sessions - follow for more of the same! Also, for more Dota content, check out, and to know when I'm streaming follow at



I am an analyst, journalist, designer, and programmer. I play, cast, and organize Dota 2 as the president of The Wave Gamers.



Video Game Addict, Dota 2 enthusiast and now attempting casting part time! I'm Friendly, so come join us on our stream! I am all about interaction with my viewers, feel free to ask me anything! Don't be shy ;)



iTrueoGod, or True, is a high level Wave player and established co-caster who works frequently with Grumbl3dook, davidystephenson, and the other Wave casters.



Hello DotA Fans! I'm an analytical caster and statsman in the DotA 2 scene with several games and tournaments under my belt. As of current, I will be casting for the AD2L on Thursday nights and statsman for the Golden League Season 3. If you want to know more, contact me through one of these channels.