The Wave Gamers

Good Dota for Everyone

We are a Dota 2 player's organization. We sponsor teams, regular lobby play, and open tournaments.

The Wave Gamers' Charter

The organization’s governing document

  1. The Wave Gamers is a gaming organization.

    1. We currently play Valve’s Dota 2.

    2. We organize pub play, cast our own and other’s games, sponsor competitive teams, explain the game for those looking to learn, and administer competitions.

  2. The Wave Gamers has four officers:

    1. davidystephenson is the President, the leader of the organization.

    2. Grumbl3dook is the Publicity and Media Manager, charged with managing the organization’s public relations and media.

    3. Metamorphosis is the Event Manager, charged with find, creating, and coordinating events for the benefit of the organization.

  3. The Wave Gamers has three teams:

    1. The Wave Exiles, captained by davidystephenson,

    2. The Wave Europe, captained by Grumbl3dook, and

    3. The Wave North America, captained by NoleTheTruth.

    4. Each team is led and managed by its captain, who has authority over all team decisions, though final say in all decisions for every team lies with the President.

  4. The Wave Gamers administers various competitions, including:

    1. The Tournament, a King of the Hill Style competition administered by davidystephenson, Grumbl3dook, and Metamorphosis, and

    2. The Tsunami Cup, a prize awarding team competition administered by davidystephenson, Grumbl3dook, Metamorphosis, Umarg, and Divok.

  5. All members of The Wave Gamers, must behave professionally and appropriately at all times.

    1. No member of The Wave Gamers player may flame, troll, bully, harass, raqe quit, or otherwise behave in an unsportsmanlike way towards any other player, outside of goodnatured banter as determined by the President.

    2. If any member violates these rules, the President may take punitive action against them, including:

      1. banning them from some or all of the organization’s activity either temporarily or permanently,

      2. removing them from organization or team positions, and/or

      3. revoking their membership.

  6. This Charter may be amended at any time by the President.