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King of the Hill

A Dota 2 competition hosted by The Wave Gamers

  1. King of the Hill, or KOTH, is Captains Mode Dota 2 competition sponsored by The Wave Gamers.

    1. More information about The Wave Gamers is available at their website,

    2. These rules can be found on via the competitions page of The Wave Gamer's website at, along with information about other competitions The Wave Gamers organizes, or directly at

    3. If you have any questions or comments about King of the Hill or The Wave Gamers, please feel free to contact us at

    4. The King of the Hill is played in Seasons.

    5. The King of the Hill has now entered its seventh season.

  2. The Winner of King of the Hill, known as the Champion, is the player who wins the most games as Captain.

    1. Wins are tracked on the Leaderboard, which is visible at rule

    2. Players gain a win on the Leaderboard when they Captain a winning side in a King of the Hill game.

  3. Each player has a ranking number that increases by 1 whenever they win a game and decreases by 1 when they lose a game.

  4. King of the Hill is administered by davidystephenson, Grumbl3dook, and iTRUEoGod

  5. King of the Hill games must begin between 20:00 GMT and 23:00 GMT on a Saturday, and must played in an online lobby that was created by an Administrator

  6. Each King of the Hill game must have at least one player, captain, or spectator who will cast the game live on Twitch, as well as ensure its recording and delivery to the official Youtube playlist

  7. After each game, the administrators must update the Leaderboard with the current score for each player

  8. Before each game, one player will be declared the Challenger, who will captain against the King.

    1. Once ten players have earned points on the leaderboard, no other players may challenge that season.

    2. To become a Challenger, a player must become a Contender by typing “I challenge the King” in the lobby chat once there are at least ten players in the lobby.

    3. If there is a single Contender, that player is the Challenger.

    4. If there are multiple Contenders, the Challenger is determined by the following priority:

      1. The Contender who has the lowest score on the leaderboard is the Challenger.

      2. If multiple Contenders are tied for the lowest score, the tied Contender who captained least recently is the Challenger.

      3. All further ties go to the Contender who first issued their challenge in the lobby.

  9. After the Challenger is determined:

    1. First, the Challenger selects their team’s side and first or second pick in the hero draft.

    2. Second, each captain joins the appropriate side and the Administrator assigns first pick in the Hero draft to the appropriate side.

    3. Third, the captains draft players for their teams from the lobby.

      1. The number of players on each team is equal to the number of available players in the lobby divided by 2, rounded down.

      2. Whichever team has the lowest sum of its player's ranking will always have the next pick until their team is full.

      3. Ties in total tanking go to the challenger.

    4. Fourth, all players join the appropriate side.

    5. Last, the Lobby Administrator should add one level drafting penalty to King’s team for each win the King has won in a row as the King.

  10. After both teams have confirmed, the Lobby Administrator must start the game.

  11. The captains of the respective teams have authority and responsibility over their team, its players, and the teams strategy.

  12. During the game, all players must behave politely and appropriately at all times.

    1. No player may flame, troll, bully, harass, raqe quit, or otherwise behave in an unsportsmanlike way towards any other player, outside of goodnatured banter as determined by the Administrators

    2. If any player violates these rules, the Administrators may take punitive action against them, including:

      1. banning them from play either temporarily or permanently,

      2. removing some or all of their wins from the Leaderboard, and/or

      3. invalidating the game in which the offensive behavior occurred or declaring it a victory to the opposing team.

  13. After the game, the winning captain gains a win on the Leaderboard.

    1. If the Challenger won, the King loses his title and the Challenger becomes the King.

  14. When one player gains 10 wins on the leaderboard, that player is declared the Champion

    1. The player lowest on the Leaderboard with at least one win becomes the King for the start of the next Season. If this player is not available, the Administrators may select an available player to serve as the first King.

    2. If multiple players are tied for the lowest number of wins, the Administrators must select one to be the King in the most fair way they deem reasonable.

    3. The Champion receives the grand prize: one named Mythical item from the Dota 2 Store selected and acquired by the Administrators.

    4. The player or players second on the Leaderboard receive lesser prize: one named Common item from the Dota 2 Store, also acquired by the Administrators.

    5. All other players receive nothing other than the gratitude of the administrators, and potentially some bragging rights.

  15. If any point the King becomes unable or unwilling to play in a reasonable timeframe, as determined by the Administrators, the King may be stripped of his title.

    1. The Administrators should select two players to captain the next game.

    2. If the king is de-throned in this manner he may challenge at any time, and the Administrators may grant him priority over any other Contender.

  16. The Tournament Administrators may make changes or exceptions to these rules at any time and in any way in order to ensure the viability and sustainability of the competition.

    1. If the tournament grows too large, the admins may split competition along geographic lines..