The Wave Gamers

Good Dota for Everyone

We are a Dota 2 player's organization. We sponsor teams, regular lobby play, and open tournaments.

The Wave Gamers sponsors three teams, all of whom are pursuing competitive as well as casual play. We are currently recruiting new team members at a variety of skill levels. If you're interested in joining, watching, or interviewing any of our team or members, feel free to contact as at

The Wave International

  1. Giant Midget
  2. iTrueoGod (captain)
  3. Grumbl3dook
  4. Umarg
  5. Gimli
Wave Int Flag.png

The Wave North America

  1. NoleTheTruth (Captain)
  2. Little Foot
  3. XxPeteyxX
  4. Shadowman
  5. Lua
  6. Fancy Footwork

The Wave Romania

  1. Gothic King (Captain)
  2. Guardian of Cenarius
  3. Sladkor
  4. Skyzzo
  5. iRock


  • 2on1
  • T4V1
  • SladKor

The Wave Exiles

  1. Davidystephenson
  2. Conewolf
  4. Yapple Jack
  5. Umarg

The Wave Rookies

  1. 2on1 (Captain)
  2. T4V1
  3. ZaPirate
  4. Stunt
  5. Ciprian