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We are a Dota 2 player's organization. We sponsor teams, regular lobby play, and open tournaments.

The Tsunami Cup

An open Dota 2 competition sponsored by The Wave Gamers

  1. The Tsunami Cup is an open Dota 2 competition sponsored by The Wave Gamers

    1. More information about The Wave Gamers is available at their website,

    2. These rules can be found on via the competitions page of The Wave Gamer's website at, along with information about other competitions The Wave Gamers organizes, or directly at

    3. If you have any questions or comments about The Tsunami Cup or The Wave Gamers, please feel free to contact us at

    4. The Tsunami Cup is administered by davidystephenson, Grumbl3dook, Metamorphosis, Divok, and Umarg of The Wave Gamers.

  2. Team applications for the tournament will open at 00:00 UTC April 8th (20:00 EDT April 7th, 00:00 GMT April 8th).

    1. Teams may apply to play in the tournament by filling out the web form located at the bottom of this page.

    2. This form indicates the team’s name, player composition, preferred server, and location.

    3. After the application period has ended, the tournament administrators will inform the teams which have been selected to play.

    4. Teams at all levels, locations, and age are encouraged to apply, though acceptance may not be extended to all teams depending on the number of applications.
    5. Signups end at 24:00 UTC April 13th (20:00 EDT April 13th, 24:00 GMT April 13th).

  3. After registration has closed, teams will be divided into one, two, or four divisions by the Cup Administrators based on number of registrants, location, and server preference.

    1. The administrators will release a schedule stating the game times for each divisional and playoff game.

    2. This schedule may be subject to change.

  4. Cup play begins on April 19th.

    1. Each game must be supervised and approved by a Cup Administrator.

      1. The Cup administrator has authority over the game’s lobby and match.

      2. All game starts, remakes, postponements, and roster decisions will be subject to the authority of the Cup Administrator

      3. Each team may include stand-ins separate from their original roster, as long as those stand-ins are not members of another team competing in the Cup.

      4. Teams are required to show up to their games at the scheduled time

        1. f a team does not have all five members of their squad in the game's lobby 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, they may be required to forfeit the game or series they are playing.

        2. Teams should contact Cup Admins if a scheduling conflict arises.

    2. Each game must cast live and recorded for Youtube by a Wave-sanctioned caster.

    3. Except for tie-breaker games, all games will be played in Captain's Mode.

    4. Play begins with the divisional stage.

      1. During the divisional stage, each team will play every other team in their division in one best-of-three series.

      2. Teams will play a minimum of two series each week.

      3. Teams will be ranked within their division by the number of series wins their team gained.

        1. Ties will be broken by whichever team has the fewest number of individual game losses during the divisional stage.

        2. Further ties will be broken by Captain's Draft matches between the tied teams.

      4. At the end of the divisional stage:

        1. If there are four divisions, the top team in each division will gain entry to the Cup Finals.

        2. If there are two divisions, the top two teams from each division gain entry to the Cup Finals.

        3. If there is one division, the top four teams gain entry to the Cup finals.

    5. After the divisional stage, play continues with the Finals stage.

      1. During the Finals stage, four teams play elimination series to determine the Cup Champion.

      2. The four entrants will be ranked according to their divisional records as described in rule 4.4.3.

      3. First, the top ranked team will play the fourth ranked team in a best of five series.

      4. Second, the second ranked team will play the third ranked team in a best of five series.

      5. Third, the losers of the first two series will play each other in a best of five series for third place.

      6. Finally, the winner of the previous two series will play each other in a best of five series.

        1. The Winner of this game is the Cup Champion, and the loser receives second place.

  5. After the tournament, prizes will be awarded.

    1. The Cup Champion will receive $50 USD.

    2. The second place team will receive $35 USD.

    3. The third place team will receive $15 USD.

    4. The Cup administrators will also award three player prizes: Player of the Cup, Support of the Cup, and Captain of the Cup.

      1. Each player prize winner will earn one mythical item selected by the Cup Administrators.

  6. The Cup Administrators may change these rules at any time and in any way in order to ensure the viability and sustainability of the Cup.